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We create websites that get results

It’s no longer enough to build a beautiful website and expect your targets to come to it.

You have to build a website that communicates and offers valuable solutions to what your customers are looking for.

You want to ensure your website is the central hub for generating business leads for your business.

You website has to be customer orientated from its UX (user experience) to every piece of content contained in the site. Your website must deliver all of the necessary elements that make a successful digital experience – blog, landing pages, forms, email, social media integration etc.

We create our websites based on insight driven design, format and content, which will deliver sales leads and growth for your business. We believe that Inbound Marketing is the future of marketing in a digital world. When you design a website, you should develop it with this sort of marketing approach in mind. In this way you can ensure that your website can become a real lead generating and customer converting hub.

We have a proven process in developing highly sales driven websites:


Barlo Web Process


Insight Planning:

Our website process begins with establishing the real insights that need to be considered: the market you are targeting? your competitors? your brand character? your sales process? These are all essential ingredients in developing a successful sales driven website.

We understand what a successful website structure requires, but we strive to mould that with your particular elements. How can we capture you brand? How can we help differentiate from your competitors? How can we develop the right content for your target customers? These are all details that must be defined before any architecture can be built.

Architecture and Wireframe:

From here you will need to establish an architecture and user experience, which will succeed. This stage of the process requires a real understanding of how you need your site to operate, if you are to have a successful inbound marketing outcome. Understanding your sales cycle is also a vital element during this phase of the process. Then you can begin the process of developing the web architecture to deliver the design and content. This is the skeleton of your new site.


Because we place great emphasis on the pre-design insight and planning tasks, there will be a thorough understanding of the personas of your different target audiences before you begin creating content. Having an accurate persona developed gives you the perfect starting point to identify the content that will connect with them. Developing a content calendar is a key part of developing regular and consistent content.

Our team of brand writers can work with you in the identification of the content subject and the actual writing of content for your site and surrounding channels, such as your blog and social media etc.

UX & Design:

Once the wireframe architecture has been agreed, you need to begin the design process. The UX will become an integral part of your websites experience. The usability of your site will be a key component in how successful and memorable your visitors will find your site. You should be looking to establish certain criteria including:

  1. Learnability – how easy is it for visitors to understand how to use and navigate your site
  2. Easy – how easy is it to navigate and engage with the site?
  3. Memorable – how well can users recall how interact with the site without using it for some time

As designers, we always look to deliver the right balance between visual impact, site functionality and usability. We understand the manner in which the technology has to be harnessed to deliver the best visual and user experience.

Programming and SEO:

Our web designers and developers use the latest XHTML and CSS coding standards. We can work in open source technologies or build a fully customised site depending on your needs.

The design element is not diluted during this process. We still place huge emphasis and value on the power of great creativity. It’s this mix of great insight and functionality married to the magic of the design experience that delivers successful results.

We can build a fully integrated Content Management System (CMS) as part of your build ensuring that keeping your site content updated and fluid is easily achieved.

You also need to ensure that your site is fully search optimised. Developing the content to that you know your buyers are interested in enables your site to be found – but that is only one element – you have to ensure your pages and content are built and optimized for the search engines. This means having the best SEO practices in place.



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