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When a business looks to create or re-invigorate their brand, they should begin with a thorough evaluation of the marketing factors in play. This means establishing the opportunities to define a clear and differentiated proposition that will connect with their target audience. Then they can marry this understanding with great creative execution to literally spark their new brand to success.




As a brand owner you will know that these elements are intrinsically linked. When developing a business that is focused on sales growth, you have to understand your market, your audiences and your competitive advantage. Only then can you deliver the sort of marketing content that will engage with your targets and that reflects all the positive characteristics of your brand.

Hence before we start building any content or marketing communications with our clients, we work with them to build on the detail around their core truths as a business and by extension their brand.

Insight & Strategy:

The operating environment of your business should form a part of any initial analysis carried out. Do you have a thorough knowledge of your market, your competitors and how they position themselves for success? What are they good at? What are they weak at? Where is the opportunity for your to thrive?


What are the values you wish to aspire to as a business and brand? You should be looking to have these things articulated. These character traits will become integral to the way you create your brand. A branded approach to marketing ensures that you are looking to reflect your values and to differentiate your offering. From this point, your business and brand can begin to build great content and communications, which will deliver loyalty and sustained growth.


We understand how to activate business strategy through great design. Once we have established your core brand truths, we will develop how you present your brand or product to the market.

Typically this phase involves looking at:

  • Naming and domain registering
  • Core Identity (typeface/symbol/colour)
  • Slogan
  • Extended marketing content

From here you can build a visual brand system which gives you the it to express your brand in all your channels of communication.

Brand Services:

Our design services include:

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Design & Marketing communications
  • Export marketing strategy and communications
  • Branded Customer Experience Programs
  • Business Development and Tender Design
  • Internal communications and alignment
  • Brand analytics and auditing
  • Innovation and NPD


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