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Case Study

Benchmark Property

“Since starting to work with Barlo, our leads have increase x15 from our website and digital channels. They have really helped us as a business to focus on our target audiences and what they were looking for. We have now built our offer around those needs. This has not only helped in how we market our business but also our sales and services processes. I would have no hesitation in recommending and retaining Barlo.”
Eamonn Boyle, Managing Partner, Benchmark Property.

Benchmark Property is a new company that emerged from the merging of two established property management businesses Strathmore Ivernia and Active Facilities Management. 

Our initial task was to work with the new management team in developing the ambitions for their new business and developing the new opportunities that presented from the newly merged company. What their offering would be? How were the going to position the business? What did they want to be famous for?

Once a detailed brief had been developed which helped inform their business strategy, we had a clear view of the nature of their offer. This would be a company delivering property management, design, engineering, surveying and consulting services to the industry - a broad offering reflecting the deep expertise of the new company. 

We then began developing new naming options for the new venture. Benchmark Properties was the name chosen as it captured clearly that they were a property company. Benchmark resonated as it was a term embedded in the surveying industry and hence was felt to align well with their ambitions. 

Our creative task resulted in a new mark and logo delivered in a beautifully clean style which reflected their own design, architectural and engineering roots. We worked in developing a suite of marketing materials to help them launch, re-position and promote the new business. This involved creating original photography of their offices and people which could be used throughout their marketing communications. 

Their website was another key element of communication for the business. It needed to capture the broad nature of their offering and also help portray their high level of expertise. We worked through the interactive architect and developed all of the content to describe their services. Social media sites were also developed giving them a new online presence. 

Since their launch we have continued to work with them on their inbound marketing and developing their digital presence with they target audience helping to generate leads for the business and integrating those new lead opportunities into their existing sales process as they look to grow their business. 

An introduction to Inbound Marketing

An introduction to Inbound Marketing

An introduction to Inbound Marketing

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