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You should be focused on Inbound Marketing.

 “90% of B2B buyers never respond to cold outreach” HBR

Inbound Marketing is about doing business smarter for todays digital market. In over 80% of business purchasing, the sales cycle is complete before a sales call is made. How consumers and business buy today has changed completely and your business needs to respond to these changes.

They no longer want to be bombarded with traditional outbound interruptive marketing tactics. They are now gathering their own information so they can make a considered decision about what and when to buy.

The key to Inbound Marketing is to create content your target audiences are interested in, then distributing that content through the various different media channels, such as your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc to pull these targets towards your business and its products and services. Hubspot claims that Inbound Marketing creates 54% more leds than traditional outbound methods and for a fraction of the cost. Inbound Marketing delivers more leads and a lower cost per lead.

To begin with Inbound Marketing relies on a deep understanding of your customers needs and specifically their pain points, so that you can offer solutions to them that will be valuable. In this way you present your business as a valuable expert and potential partner.

Your offer this content such as an e-book, a video, an infographic etc. in exchange for their details and in so doing turn a visitor to your website into a lead which can then be nurtured through a defined sales process or funnel and progressing until they become a paying customer.


IM Process Overview

Strategy and Planning:

For many businesses they can understand the principlas of Inbound Marketing and believe that it will help their business grow, but still find it difficult to get moving. That's where we can help. We can audit your currrent practices, interview staff and customers and help you build a strategy that will get traction with your target audiences.

Buyer Insight Development:

Knowing who your target buyers are and what it is they are looking for is critical to developing a successful strategy. We understand the types of insight that is required to develop successful personas for your different buyers. This is a fundamental building block of successful marketing.

Content marketing:

Developing content that delivers solutions to your audiences problems is at the core of successful content development. You have to engage them with your content – it has to be valuable enough for them to part with their personal information. Our team are expert in creating and delivering the different types of content - whether it's a an writing article post, desiging an infographic, scripting, shooting, editing a video or an animation - we can deliver it.

If you would like to get more information on creating and managing great content for your marketing program, please fill out the form below to arrange a meeting.


The data is clear that those businesses that develop strong blog content regularly create a roadmap to their websites. For B2B marketing we know that for those business that blogged weekly – 67% of them were able to report a clear ROI on the marketing spend. We can work with you in developing a content calendar which will enable you and our team to continue to generate great content that brings solutions to your auduence and can show real understanding and insight into their industry.

Social Media Marketing:

One of the clear trends in recent studies has shown that marketers want to sell and engage more through their social media channels. Social media is a great way of pushing your content out to your different audiences. Your attitude has got to be that you will be there with great content wherever your prospects want to consume it. Social media marketing gets you in front of your customers regularly and helps drive traffic back to your website and the other richer content resources that you can offer there. Our team can create the right sort of content for Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram etc. to ensure you are present and relevant.



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