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Case Study

ipOne rebrands as Entegro

Entegro Overview

“The team at Barlo really understood our business and ambitions from the outset. Their process was detailed and robust and they helped identify a great positioning space for us as we looked to expand and target bigger contracts. They are strong both strategically and creatively and that mix really brought our new brand to life with great energy. ”
Jim Doyle CEO Entegro


Barlo have completed the full re-brand for the telecommunications solutions business Entegro. Entegro was formed following the merger of two successful telecoms businesses ipONE and Syncom.

Entegro operates at the forefront of telecommunications technology designing and deploying telecoms networks of the future.


ipONE and Syncom had identified that in order to win larger projects, they needed to re-position their business in the minds and eyes of their target customers. To have better clarity in relation to their offering and better consistency delivering their services.

Our Approach:

Our Discovery process set about gathering as much market data intelligence to inform the creative process.

We set out to establish the opportunities focusing on 3 core questions:
• Who we are?
• What we do?
• What we say?

We examined their current brand, their name and communications and critiqued how effective they were. We looked at their main competitors to assess the best differentiation opportunities.

Initial Observations:

From our Discovery, we identified the following as key areas of focus to help develop their new brand.

This included a very clear focus on being in the Telco Solutions sector, having Planning & Design at the heart of their propositions. Highlighting their ability to contract manage the build elements for their clients was also a potential USP.

From there, we noted the quaiity of their team, their can do culture and their passion to deliver consistently for their customers.

Their deep knowledge of telco networks was also seen as a strength. And using that to bring real innovation to their sector.

We also identified that the name was cumbersome and poorly understood by all their customers and partners.

Brand Framework:

We established a clear operating space for the business as follows:

We operate in both Active and Passive Network spaces providing Physical and Logical Network solutions

We carried out detailed market Mapping to reflect their ambitions. Identifying how they would have to behave to move from being a niche provider to a market leading solutions provider.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 17.52.12


Customer Identification & Personas:

To deliver their growth ambitions required a detailed analysis of their different target audeinces and the solutions that each of these adiences were looking for. In other words their soltions had to be relevant to many different buyers (often from within the one organisation). Detail personas helped to clarify the problems and solutions offered to finance customers, technical customers, end user customers etc.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 15.55.08


Brand Commitments:

We developed a detailed articulation of their key areas of focus and commitment to achieve their goals:

  1. We place our customer 1st always
  2. We deliver successful solutions for our customers all of the time at a fair cost
  3. We are problem solvers and innovators
  4. Quality service will be our key long term differentiator
  5. We are committed to creating a safe environment for our employees
  6. We act with humility and empower our people to deliver for ourcustomers
  7. We trust and respect each other

A full brand framework capturing their core Vision, Values, differentiators was developed.

Towards a new name and marque:

An extensive naming process was undertaken using the brand framework we had established the both generate and assess new name options for the business.

The preferred name was


Originating from the Latin word “Integro”.
It’s meaning is to restore, repair, integrate, recreate, start afresh, renew

It’s dictionary meaning:

We then went through a legal name check against pre-registered companies, brands and trademarks across relevant jurisdictions. Once we had the security of knowing we had a unique name with trademark potential, the preferred name was approved.

Our next phase was to develop a new tagline to support the name name. Again an extensive list of potential lines were examined before we agreed with

Network Ingenuity

Capturing the nature of their core offering in designing and building networks coupled with their innovation and expert abilities.


A New Corporate Identity:


ipone syncom






The new name represented a coming together of the elements: En (engineering) Te (technology) Gro (growth)

The new brand used a lower case type treatment to capture a more accessible nature for the brand. A vibrant magenta colour was chosen to bring energy and place the new brand in a unique space within the industry. This was married to a warm grey to bring balance to the vibrant magenta.


Image Style:

We wanted the look and feel of the brand to be vibrant and distinctive - to set it apart. We produced a bank of original photography capturing this intent with clear guidelines around what an ‘on-brand’ image meant.

We looked to avoid contrived situations. We captured the nature and scale of the business through the bank of images created. People and locations were real and genuine, capturing a particular moment in the delivery of an Entregro service moment. We also used abstract object images to depict the industry and service offering.

 Entegro Imagery 1



Using illustration-based graphics allowed us to use a variety of media to tell stories in a vibrant and engaging way. It was important that these illustrations followed a common visual theme. We used a keyline style, enhanced with the use of the Entegro ‘dot’ to help make them distinctive.

Entegro Icons


Visual Style:

We developed a distinctive graphic style for the brand. The templates capture how the different layouts and relationship between blocks of colour and imagery that should be delivered as part of the Entegro brand.

 Entegro Literature2




Trucks, vans and cars were all branded to deliver a professional presence for the business and brand.

 Entegro Van



A new website was designed and built on a Silverstripe CMS platform.

Entegro Desktop2


Entegro Desk Mob 4




Stationery and e-templates were designed and developed to deliver consistency across the business.

 Entegro Stationery


Staff clothing and PPE equipment was also carefully designed to deliver a consistent expression for the brand in the field.

Entegro Clothing 4




Barlo have been an excellent partner for Entegro

Jim Doyle CEO

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