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27 April 2017

How to build a website that drives sales

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In the fast moving digital world there is already an old way of designing successful websites and a new way. The old way was to build a site that looked good, have your products and services featured and then wait until your customers came. That no longer works. 

Today you have to understand what your marketing audiences are looking for and then your website has to provide solutions to these multiple needs. Hence the homepage that captures everything you do and you product pages that describe your services will no longer be found much less engage your targets. 

You have to build a detailed 'web' of connected content. Understanding the principles of Inbound Marketing are essential. Developing solutions orientated content published and amplified in the right way through the right digital channels is the way to succeed. This enables you to attract your targets. 

You have to appreciate how the search engines match and reward content against the individuals searches. Once you have engaged them in talking about a solution they are interested in, you have to ensure that you keep them hooked in. Your content has to be delivered as a proposition to them - it is about what they will get out of your solution and nothing else. You do this by offering them further insights in to their problem and how they can solve it - thereby developing a relationship of trust with them by offering solutions and expertise.

And your website structure, design and content has to reflect this understanding. From the initial 'attract' content, you need to bring them to the next level and additional valuable content. This content is exchanged for their details and allows you to identify the visitor as a lead. 

You must understand the sales funnel process that is involved in engaging visitors initially and using structures around your website such as landing pages and calls to action to ensure they are given a clear path forward and offered the right incentives to take the next step as part of their experience of being on and around your site. 

If this is an area you feel your business needs to improve at, you should download our free Ebook on building successful sales driven websites. This detailed paper takes you on a step by step journey to achieve this goal.

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Building websites for sales growth



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Building websites for sales growth

Building websites for sales growth

Building websites for sales growth

This detailed paper takes you on a step by step journey to achieve this goal.

Download our free paper now and gain a better insight into how to build a website that drives your business growth.

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