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19 April 2017

Brand Storytelling

What’s the difference between the great brands and the not so great? The memorable brands that connect emotionally with their audiences and those that don’t?

Storytelling is a much used methodology used the deliver compelling brand communication. But in truth, its never just as simple as telling a good story. There are some fundamental brand principles that must be adhered to if its to succeed.

In todays world where digital communication ensure communications move quickly with multiple communications platforms and multiple consumers, its no longer about the brand owner simply dictating the story. Consumers are building their own version of these brands and their stories.

Of course brand owners have to take a lead and express what it is they want for their brand (positioning). Whether this is accepted by their audiences will depend on how real their ‘story’ is. Does it resonate with the audience? Is it a true reflection of the brand or simply a hollow aspiration? If the brand story cannot connect to the 'simple truths’ of the brand, it will flounder. And no amount of creative story telling will shift that.

So, storytelling is a very powerful way to create a context for brands. But it does not give free rein. The creativity must be anchored to the core. When that happens together with a compelling story, there can be real connection and real brand power.


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